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Helping Families in Need this Holiday


Our efforts to bring happiness through making products is what we consider a privilege. Because we realize that there are many people in the world that are less fortunate and do not have the opportunities and choices we do, for the entire month of December Lucky Horse Press will be donating a portion of our earnings to Mercy Corps to help families in need through our fundraising page. These families may be affected by hunger, poverty and disaster and need our help to implement long term solutions to sustain better lives. With our help we can get these families from relief to recovery and eventually to resilience.

Our December orders will include a complimentary gift and, as always, a handwritten thank you note from us. The donations will be contributed from retail and wholesale sales from our site and through our Etsy shop

We encourage you to check back on our fundraising page throughout the month to see the progress of our campaign. Thank you in advance and we look forward to making a difference with you this holiday season!

Contact us with any comments or questions.

Who is Mercy Corps?

Mercy Corps is a global organization, 4,000 strong, powered by the belief that a better world is possible. Dedicated to help people survive and get back on their feet when natural disaster strikes, economies collapse or conflict erupts. And where there are chronic threats to peace and progress, they form partnerships with communities to overcome obstacles and thrive. They live and work in more than 40 countries facing the world’s toughest challenges and have no political or religious agenda. Click here to learn more about Mercy Corps.

How much does Mercy Corps give back to its programs?

87% of funds to Mercy Corps go directly to programs and 13% to administration and fundraising.

What if I just want to donate directly to the campaign?

Direct contributions are always welcome. Simply go to our fundraising campaign and then click on the green "donate through this page" button.

Why is my donation not appearing immediately on the fundraising page?

There is a short delay after a donation is made before it appears on the giving site. Usually it takes a day or two for those donations to appear, due to processing times.

How will I know if any donations have been made by Lucky Horse Press?

Please visit our fundraising page to view any contributions and to check back regularly for any updates. Heck, maybe even start your own campaign for a cause you care about!

Is this paid for by Mercy Corps?

No. This is a self-initiated fundraiser to help bring families a brighter season and is the least we could do. We chose Mercy Corps because of their high percentage of program funding.

All donations made through our fundraising page will go to Mercy Corps' Fund. Please report any statements to the contrary on this page to Mercy Corps.